The Podda Oil Mill was set up in middle 60’s from the Podda Family in Ussaramanna (Cagliari) to meet the great demand of olive growers which in our territory were progressively increasing. While the first system was based on presses, in the first 80’s the company decided to renovate installing a non-stop centrifugal machine system.
During this period the company discovers his vocation to work for outside parties, encouraged by the growing number of satisfied customers and motivated by a great passion and an aquired experience in treating olives.
At the end of 1990’s the company made a big step building up the new factory in the Ussaramanna craft area.
It is one of the most modern system of oil production in Sardinia, where tradition meets innovation, with more than 1000 square meters of surface and with two production lines able to transform more than 600 quintals of olives per day.
Following both an improving quality of processed product and an increase in bottled oil demand, in 2001 the storaging and bottling system were mounted and started to work.
With the “Terra dei Nuraghi” trademark we try to increase the value of oil quality typical of a land full of age-old olive trees.
In 2003 the company further evolves mounting a system to work the olive residues and to extract the “nocciolino” (the olives stone). With this step the company gets in line with the recent EU directives aiming both to decrease the power consumption using an alternative source and to respect the environment by reducing the production rejects.
Today the Podda Oil Mill still managed by the Podda Family looks for customers satisfaction combining modernization and tradition.


OLEIFICIO PODDA s.a.s. - Zona Artigianale USSARAMANNA (CA) - Tel/Fax + 39 0783 95414